How to Help Fight High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Shaking the Salt habit to Lower High Blood Pressure: American Heart Association

Learn the most common sources of sodium:

- Table salt, sea salt, kosher salt

- Processed foods

- Natural foods that contain higher-than-average sodium content

(Cheese, seafood, olives, and some legumes)

- Some over-the-counter drugs

- Some prescription medications

Eating less of these food types will help reduce sodium intake and lower/prevent high blood pressure

Reminders when grocery shopping:

  • When shopping for groceries chose lower-sodium foods or low-sodium versions of your favorites.

  • Read the labels of all packaged or processed foods.

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables as snacks. When purchasing canned or frozen fruit be sure to choose the no-salt-added versions and look for choices without added sauces.

When Dining Out:

  • Be aware of low-sodium foods and look for them on the menu

  • Be specific when ordering, be sure to request that your dish is prepared without salt.

  • Don't use a salt shaker, instead use black pepper.

  • Add fresh lemon juice instead of salt on season fish and vegetables.